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Kicking Camp Results - July 16th, 2011

All Kickers attempted 10 field goals from various distances. The distances were: 3 from 25 yards, 3 from 30 yards, 3 from 40 yards, and 1 from 50 yards. They then kicked 5 kickoffs and 5 punts. The footballs used were brand new NFHS Approved Spalding Pro Footballs. The overall ranking is based on the place they got in Field Goals, Kickoffs, and Punts during the charting session.

Overall Ranking as a Combo Kicker:

Kickoff Results: (5 Kickoffs)

Punt Results: (5 Punts)

Field Goal Results:



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"In 35 years of coaching high school football Billy Vinnedge is one of the finest kicking coaches I have encountered. Not only is Billy a great technician of punting and kicking, he does a fantastic job of preparing kickers in the mental aspects of kicking..."

Mike McAustin

Arroyo Grande High School

Defensive Coordinator

Special Teams Coach

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